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I had a heck of a weekend celebrating the USMC Birthday & Veterans Day with a few on my military buddy’s.

My head is still pounding a bit from the festivities but luckily, today’s workout went a long way in getting me back to “normal.”

underground fat loss manual
I was sent a PDF book last week that taught how to lose fat and Lose It Fast, with simple life hacks.
With claims like that, I chalked it up to marketing B.S. and discarded that email.

While having a couple beers this weekend, with a fellow Veteran that is also a fitness coach, he brought up this same book.

I figured that he was just buzzed when he told me that he recommended the book to his clients. After all, this guy has a very similar philosophy as me- well, at least when it came to health and fitness. So…

Why The Hell Was He Pushing This Snake Oil?

He went on to explain that this book was banned from Amazon and blacklisted on Facebook because of the politics involved by the Big Boys that control the fitness industry. The Big Boys of the fitness industry obviously found it too competitive for their liking.

I told him that it certainly made the book more appealing, but isn’t the info in there still full of shit?

He laughed at my bewildered look, obviously understanding how I felt, but he put it to me like this:

“I wouldn’t use anything in this book for the long term, but for my clients that want a jump-start to their fat loss goals, the stuff in this book actually works!”

A couple examples are:
-Drinking alcohol will help you lose fat
-Chewing baby aspirin will get you abs
-Lose 8-10lbs of fat in 3 days

The material is certainly controversial, But… It Works!”

The next morning, I opened up my Gmail, went to the trash folder and retrieved the book. I had to see what the hell he was talking about.

As I went through the book, I understood what my buddy was stating.

Most of out clients have a difficult time getting started with their fat loss goals. If one or several of the Fat Loss Hacks contained in this book get our clients started and Motivated, sooner than later… Then there is no harm.

I have yet to have an initial assessment with a new client interested in losing fat, that didn’t ask me if there was a Quicker way to their fat loss goals.

They want to lose a quick 8-10lbs so that they could _________. (fill in the blank)

I usually hear: for a wedding, a vacation, a birthday or a Holiday.

I figured that I would let you know about this option. I certainly don’t recommend it as a lifestyle, but if this info interests you especially for short term use,
then use the link below to access more information about this book:

Click HERE To Learn More About This Highly Controversial Fat Loss Book.

I hope that you had a great day today and I thank you for your continued support!