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I have a vast assortment of backpacks and rucksacks. They each serve their own purpose and application. The one thing that all of these packs have in common is that that all contain zippers. And… what these zippers all have in common is that they tend to snag and seize-up every so often.

With the demand that I put on my backpacks and rucks, it’s no surprise that the metal zippers are in need of lubrication every so often. These packs are exposed to the weather as well as other elements in nature. They also take their occasional tumble in the laundry machine. Like all gear, zippers require their periodic maintenance.

I used various oils and waxes throughout the years in order to keep my zipper performing optimally. Most of these treatments worked in a pinch, but a couple of outings later, my zippers would start acting up again.

I Needed A Better Solution

I was on my buddy’s boat fishing a few months back and I had my ruck with me. When I went to get the small tackle box out of my ruck, the zipper snagged and I had to put my pole and beer down. I let out a few choice words and my buddy threw over a small plastic tube. It looked to me like an over-sized Chap Stick. I looked at him with a puzzled look. He smirked and said, “rub that on that shitty zipper!” I did.

There was no mess and ironically… it went on as easily as Chap Stick.

He explained to me that he initially bought this Boat Zipper + Snap Lube for his boat. But after a few years of using it, he started applying it to his packs, wet suit zippers, garden tools and other metal and plastic belongings.

By this time, I was done working the lube through the zippers, I was impressed. I figured that if it could work for things marine related, I may have just found my go-to lubricant for all my backpack, ruck, carrying equipment, camping equipment -basically anything with a zipper!


  • PREVENTS SNAPS AND ZIPPERS FROM GETTING STUCK Rub our snap and zipper lube stick directly on to difficult snaps and zippers to make opening and closing them a breeze! This snap and zipper lubricant is a waterproof lube that stands up to the elements and will stay on metal closures keeping them working smoothly for months. Perfect for boat covers, as jeep zipper lube and dry suit zipper wax. This snap and zipper lubrication stick also works great on your zipper cooler, windows and drawers.
  • NO MESS STICK APPLICATOR Our snap and zipper lubrication comes in a tube, making application neat and tidy. Our mess-free wax stick is much easier to apply than the liquid versions out there. Our snap and zipper lube marine stick is a clear, wax formula that glides on easily and won’t stain fabrics, great to have on hand as a jeep zipper lubricant , dry suit zipper lubricant and universal zipper repair kit. This handy little stick also works great as a window and door ease stick lubricant
  • PROTECTS METAL AGAINST RUST & CORROSION: Our snap and zipper lube creates a protective wax barrier against the elements making it ideal for the metal closures found on boat and car covers, tents, campers and scuba gear. It protects against salt water, rain and the sun which can corrode and weather metal closures, making them difficult to work with. Ideal for your wet suit repair kit and jeep zipper repair kit. We stand behind the quality of our zipper and snap lube!
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: Better Boat offers a comprehensive line of premium quality boat care products. This snap zipper lubricant not only works great on your boat but as a camper slide lubricant and in a canvas tent or coolers. Our marine-grade products are made to strict, tested, trade-secret standards and you will find this marine zipper lube is no exception. We offer the tools needed to make caring for your boat easier so you can spend less time cleaning and more time on the water.


If you need a zipper lubrication that will keep your zipper working when you need them the most, take a look at this zipper lube by Better Boat. It is working well for me and I look forward to testing it further with the rest of my camping gear in the upcoming season.

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